The ICHIGO Teleradiology infrastructure consists of a Cloud server ("iCOMSERVER") and endpoint appliances ("iCOMBOX"), which enable industry-leading advantages and benefits:


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Advantages and Benefits

Speed = Productivity

  • Networking Appliance – ICHIGO is the only company to use appliance-based, Peer-to-Peer networking for image transmission and local review
  • Image Extraction – Radiologists do not waste their valuable time trying to extract large volumes of image data from a centralized server via the internet
  • Local Access – All images are delivered to their own iCOMBOX. Local access guarantees the highest speed in image access.
  • Automatic Query & Retrieval – A patient’s related “past studies” are automatically attached for comparative viewing

Security = Patient Privacy & Radiologist Safety

  • Privacy – To ensure patient privacy and at the same time protect the individual radiologists from security accidents, the iCOMBOX de-identifies all personal information before transmitting through the internet
  • Security – In addition to this (auto-anonymity), other security technologies, including data encryption, are integrated into the iCOMBOX

Communication = Efficiency

  • Collaboration – the ICHIGO system supports both doctor-doctor communication and hospital-doctor communication. If doctors located in different cities or countries are running a radiology group, they can work together as if they were in the same room.
  • Mobile – Support for mobile previewing on iPad and other devices.

Cost = Economy

  • Low Entry Cost – ICHIGO provides the iCOMBOX on a rental basis and minimizes upfront costs, so that radiologists can start up Teleradiology services without a large upfront investment
  • Transaction Fee – Hospitals and radiologists can use the ICHIGO infrastructure with pay-as-you-use transaction fees.

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