Personal Information Protection Policy

ICHIGO has formulated the following Personal Information Protection Policy, and will follow it rigorously to safeguard personal information.

1.	Handing of Personal Information

1. Objectives in obtaining personal information
The company may obtain personal information to the extent necessary to provide information about products and services, to deliver products and services, to provide maintenance services, to supply information relating to seminars, to request participation in surveys, and for recruiting
2. Use of personal information
The company may use personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the objectives described above. The company may supply personal information to subcontractors to provide better services. In this case, the company selects the parties, handles personal information properly, and agrees to terms and conditions necessary to manage personal information properly if make available to third parties.
3. Supplying personal information to third parties
The company will not supply personal information to third parties except for subcontractors as described above without the prior consent of customers. However, instances where the company is obliged by law, supplying information is necessary to protect a person’s life or property, or the company is required to cooperate with the police, the courts, or other public institutions, are excluded.
4. Procedure for disclosure, etc., of personal information
When customers request disclosure of their own personal information, the company will do so. The company will not do so if such action causes significant obstruction to the company’s operations, or endangers an individual’s life, wellbeing, property or other rights. When customers request correction, addition, deletion, cessation of use of their own personal information, and such actions are necessary, the company will do so.

2.	Measures for safety management of Personal Information

To ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, the company will take safety measures, and will strive to prevent unauthorized access or other security breaches including loss, destruction, tampering, and leaks of personal information.

3.	Compliance with Laws and Regulations concerning Personal Information

The company will comply with laws, guidelines and other regulations relevant to personal information protection.

4.	System for Protecting personal Information and continuous Improvement of the System

The company will continually review and improve its internal rules and systems with regards to the handling of personal information.

Personal Information Inquiries Counter

Please direct any inquiries you may have about personal information to the contact point below.

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